Monday, May 13, 2013

(note to self)

Have been reading old fat acceptance stuff from back when the fatosphere was bustling, interconnected, vital, and urgently new.  Have vague sense of nostalgia, obviously.  Heidi's guest post on WLS on Shapely Prose, and the comments discussion, and trying to think about how I work to reconcile my body politics and my own embodiment.  Here is my thought: that maybe what I want to do is put a wedge between "how to change what you feel" (hard) and "how to change how you deal with those feelings and how much time you spend with them" (also hard, but I think substantively LESS hard).  This is the difference between a goal of "stop hating upper arms" and "stop letting hatred of upper arms dictate how you spend your time."  I think it is possible that work on the latter might result in some movement on the former.

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