Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Be Your Own Lloyd Dobler

Lloyd Dobler is the man.  You can keep your popular-yet-sensitive Jake Ryan.  Lloyd is the best: an eloquent, straight-talking, fiercely loyal weirdo with the courage of his convictions.  It is true that he does some things that while endearing on film might verge on stalkery in real life—but, luckily, he is on film at the time so they are safely awesome.  And he has his priorities straight.

So I'm thinking that given how how kind and how direct Lloyd is, if I told him I were sitting around worrying about what I ate yesterday or what I'm going to weigh tomorrow at my nutrition appointment, he would say something like this:

Sometimes it is true.  Sometimes you are all agitated, and your agitation is destructive.  It will result in you crashing your Firebird and smashing your head in, or it will result in you worrying yourself stupid to no productive end.  Getting to the root of things is great and all, but sometimes you simply must chill.  YOU MUST CHILL.  Do something else instead.  Like watching YouTube clips of Say Anything.

And actually, asking yourself to treat you like Lloyd Dobler would treat you is, I think, a pretty good principle.  Because he doesn't bullshit you, Lloyd, but he doesn't beat up on you either.  He is your full-on bud.

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