Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Ermahgerd, internet, I think I might buy myself a fatkini for reals.  Realistically, this is barely more skin than a one-piece, but my current swimsuit (a vaguely retro aqua ruched one-piece purchased at a Wal-Mart in Alabama or possibly Arkansas three years ago) doesn't hold my rack up quite where one would hope and I have beach weekends with friends coming up in East Hampton and also down the (Jersey) shore and a pool-based bachelorette party to boot.  And, okay, swimsuits make me vaguely uncomfortable because of internalized fatphobia, but saying the word FATKINI a lot will probably help.  It might increase the discomfort in a very minor way (see: barely more skin than a one-piece) but will also mitigate it with the glee of doing something consciously transgressive (best kind of glee).

Okay, I talked myself into it.  Fatkini ordered.

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