Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Note to Self: Process, or Feedback, or Something

That when we are talking about chosen resources, voluntary associations, the thing is about what parts of you will be validated.  This is another way of approaching what I have trying to approach over and over again, which is the lack of a perfect resource.  What qualities are accepted, praised, valued, reinforced by the communities from which you seek solidarity and support?  Which version of you do they want?  Which version of you won't find space?

Reading Audre Lorde ("The Uses of Anger") helps, but there is still the fact of the power of consensus, agreement; and this is related too to the erstwhile closing of ranks around Hugo Schwyzer.  The wrong person got the job, over and over again; the wrong person was believed to be right.  The wrong person was believed to be worth concern, worth empathy.  Of course, all people are worth concern and worth empathy, but on whom are groups of people spending their time and their emotional energy?

What of this is just human weakness (narcissism, blindness, defensiveness, failures of empathy and of intellect)?  But also then, what of everything, all systems, is just human weakness lined up in rows to make load-bearing structures?

Where can I find a thing that will know that my anger is righteous and also that it is fragile?

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